INDIA Strikes Back Against Pakistan (Report)

Revenge For Pulwama Attack

India was targeting specific terrorists camps across the border. How this entire operation happened?  From Gwalior 12 Mirage Jets take of in batches and now this talks about how the plan was conducted in a large scale. These Jets were armed with Laser Guided Bombs (LGB) which is a guided bomb that uses semi active laser guidance to strike the target. It is first develeped by United States during Vietnam war. A LGB has greater Accuracy than an unguided bomb. These were the Jets that Bombarded the terror camps that were operating from across the border. Pakistan terrorists are trained here and then they were sent to India.

Moving On From Gwalior

Laser Jets On Terror Camps

Moving on from GWALIOR to BATINDA – Lets take a look what has happened here? In Batinda INDIAN AIR FORCE early warning jets took off. As 12 Mirage Jets took off, IAF early warning jets takes off and then lets talk about what happens in AGRA – In AGRA Mid-Air Refueling tanker takes off . This is the well planned strategy or a Master Plan by IAF , as they felt that there could be a need to refuel the jets Mid-Air and that’s the reason why Mid-Air Tanker also takes off.


Strike Begins On Pakistan

There was also a Secret Location which is obviously an undisclosed location keeping in mind for the security purposes. IAF Heron Surveillance drone takes off from here. The ground movements in Terror Camps in those areas had to be monitored for which surveillance drones were used. They took off from Secret location and now comes the time of Mirage Pilots to monitor what’s happening. BALAKOT , MUZAFFARABAD & CHAKOTHI these are the main places where Terror Camps were Operating Mirage Pilots conducted the final checks on Targets before attacking them. Strike No.1 is at BALAKOT the Bombardment started at 3.45am and continued till 3.55am . This was Target No.1 Strike 1 BALAKOT . Moving onto Strike No.2 at MUZAFFARABAD the Bombardment started at 3.48am and continued till 3.56am . It was very very dark at that time and Laser Bombs were dropped on Terror Camps. Now coming to Strike No. 3 at CHAKOTHI which is Striked at 3.58am and last till 4.05am . The entire operation were carried for 21 Minutes. It was great that no Civilians wereInjured or Harmed in Pakistan , It was 100% Successfull Mission Carried out by our INDIAN AIR FORCE . #JAIHIND#

URI Surgical Strike


Celebrations are taking place all over INDIA . The biggest Terror Camp of JAISH E- MOHAMMED was bombarded. Jaish E- Mohammed is severely hospitalised and says that India has Attacked us In dark which finds to be so silly reason. Every single citizen is Enjoying the defeat of Pakistan. Modi Government took appropriate measure to answer back for Pulwama Attack . The moment we heard a news on Surgical Strike we all felt happy for its success and it has to be happened and this strike sets a beautiful answer to Pulwama Strike. Celebrations are going in various traditions for Successful completion of 2nd Surgical Strike . Everone is felling happy for the answer given by Modi Government and INDIAN AIR FORCE . INDIAN ARMY did very well in Strike and all supports Indian Army and also says we should fight Terrorism. Everyone says we are very glad for IAF and its just a start to Pakistan.

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