Mehendi Ceremony is one of the most popular celebration and form of designing a body art. Mehendi is beautificially designed on hands and foot of a women. Mehendi is actually from Henna Plant. ‘Camphire’ is the word reffered to bible versions which actually is Mehendi.

For Indian Wedding Ceremonies Mehendi ceremony is the popular thing which is been followed in costoms and rituals by almost every religion. Addtion of Mehendi Ceremony adds more beauty to the bride on marriage day and also to other womens who are attending it. So its is considered as the the popular tradition to be followed after the day of wedding. Wedding is just an incomplete process with a Mehendi ceremony where the bride is completed designed and beauty is also added to bride for most. Mehendi adds bride a beautifull body art that it been captured on her marriage day.


Mehendi Ceremony tradition and ritual in Hyderabad

Mehendi ceremony is just done before the day of wedding. Families of Groom and Bride separately observes the residences. Men’s are actually not participated in Mehendi Ceremony and it is something related to womens section. The costumes wore by Bride are much simple here on this occasion and are not soo trendy and flashes. The arrival of Henna to Bride should be from Groom’s side as it it treated as one of the tradition to be followed and groom side family also deliver some sweets,fruits and many more eatables which sweetens the mouth.

Decorations for Wedding and Marriages and Wedding Decorators and stage decorators

Mehendi Ceremony is followed my many musical instruments and dholaks ,drums ,tablas any many more things. Basically all these things are done in an Arranged Marriage and Love come Arranged Marriage mostly like trust me in most of the cases.Love marraiges wont prefer all these traditions thats what i feel. All memebers from villages, relatives and cousins sings traditional songs and encourage and make the Mehendi Ceremony more special as the Moment to be remembered.

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